『Tenri Journal of Religion』NUMBER 46 2018.04.01 関連施設附属おやさと研究所刊行物Tenri Journal of Religion

『Tenri Journal of Religion』NUMBER 46




Yū WATANABE : The Joy of the Beginning:A Study on the “Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo”

Jirō SAWAI : The Original Day of the Founding of the Teaching: A Study of “Zonmei no Oyasama,” A Sermon by Shirobei Umetani

Saburō YAGI : Thinking About Disabilities: Issues Following Japan’s Ratification of the CRPD

Yoshitsugu SAWAI : The Structure of Reality in Oriental Religious Thought: Human Relations with the Transcendent

Kōji SATŌ : “An Old Man Who Picked Mulberry Leaves:” Is It True That Whoever Dances This Piece Will Die Soon?

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