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  3. Regarding Academic Supporting funds as countermeasures for the COVID-19
 【To Tenri University students and their parents or guardians】

Regarding Academic Supporting funds as countermeasures for the COVID-19

Tenri University President Noriaki Nagao

Tenri University will be conducting online classes between May 7 and July 31 for this Spring Semester, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. The University is preparing the classes so that the students won’t need to come on campus, but instead stay home and attend class using their smartphones and/or other devices.

Currently, the faculty and staff members are developing online classes that will ensure to cover the contents offered each year. Information regarding the schedule of classes is provided via Campus Square and the University webpage.

The Spring Semester of the academic year 2020-2021 has been very challenging in various aspects not only for the students, but for the parents and guardians as well. The University has decided the following so that the students will be able to engage in their studies with a smooth start.

Academic Supporting Funds

In order to attend online classes, students will need the proper ICT environment. Therefore, the University will fund undergraduate and graduate students with 30, 000 yen. Details on how to receive funds will be announced later.

The sources of this fund are donations from the faculty and staff members, the Tenri University Supporting Group, and so on.

Emergency relief measures through the Tenri University scholarship

Tenri University has established the “Tenri Univeristy bank loan scholarship” for the purpose of aiding students who are unable to pay for tuition due to abrupt change of the household finances by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Please contact the Student Support Section.

Student Support Section, Tenri University (weekdays 8:50—17:20)
Phone: (+81) 743-63-8148 E-mail:gakusei@sta.tenri-u.ac.jp

A Message from the President

I am viewing this present situation as a "knot" which challenges us to become stronger and sprout strong buds toward our 100th Anniversary of foundation to be held in 2025.

Until the spread of the novel coronavirus ceases, we will provide online classes, and maintain the quality of education with no difference from other years. Also, in the meantime, we will do everything we can to maintain the campus facilities and equipment in good condition.

I imagine that all of you students are experiencing hardships. Tenri University faculty and staff members are united to support you.

Let us persevere and endure this crisis in order to protect our own lives, as well as the lives of our loved ones, and the lives of our community.

I am hoping from the bottom of my heart that our campus will be overflowing with smiles when the Coronavirus situation settles down.