『Tenri Journal of Religion』NUMBER 45 2017.04.01 関連施設附属おやさと研究所刊行物Tenri Journal of Religion

『Tenri Journal of Religion』NUMBER 45




Special Issue; Articles presented at the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR) 21th World Congress in 2015 (Erfurt, Germany)

Yoshitsugu SAWAI : A Semantic Perspective on Otto’s Theory of Religion

Yoshitsugu SAWAI : Izutsu’s Semantic Perspectives of Indian Philosophy

Juan José LÓPEZ PAZOS : Izutsu’s Oriental Philosophy of Language

Masahiko OKADA : The Development of Buddhist Science in Nineteenth Century Japan

Jiro SAWAI: Scriptures and Their Restoration:A Case Study of Tenrikyo.

Midori HORIUCHI : A Unique Expression of Doctrine: A Case Study of the Tenrikyo Congo-Brazzaville Church

Pochi HUANG : The Body and the Trial:Problems of Ordeal in Hindu Dharmśāstras