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A university rooted in the community that fosters the ability to contribute to people and society.

Tenri University was founded in 1925 as Japan’s first private foreign language school with the aim of spreading the teachings of Tenrikyo. Since then, the University has continued to evolve while responding to the demands of the times, always leading society, such as being the first in Japan to introduce Hakoniwa sandplay therapy and the first in western Japan to establish a department of physical education.
Underlying all of these efforts is the University’s unwavering commitment to “nurturing human resources who will contribute to the construction of the Joyous Life world,” as stated in the founding spirit of the school. The University is highly regarded for sending out into society students who contribute to people and society with altruistic spirit, powered by a deep liberal arts education.
Tenri University is located in the center of Yamato, the birthplace of Japanese culture. It is surrounded by historical and cultural heritage as well as lush green nature. In a serene environment where the entire city is enveloped in a religious atmosphere, students and faculty members engage in educational and research activities while building close relationships based on small-group education.


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