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User Guide

iCAFé is designed to provide a space where Japanese students, international students, and faculty can freely and comfortably interact. Books and manga from around the world are available for browsing, and free language lessons given by native international students are also popular.
Tenri University also has a tutor system in which Japanese students support the life of the large number of international students during their first semester at Tenri University. In an environment where international exchange thrives, many international and Japanese students develop friendships.

  • Open hours: Monday to Friday 9:00~17:00 (Closed during long-term holidays)
  • Access: 1050 Somanouchi, Tenri, Nara, Japan 632-8501
    Somanouchi Campus Hall No. 3 / Immediately on your left as you enter Hall No. 3

Purpose of establishment

“International Café (alias: iCAFé)" was established to provide a place for
exchange between Japanese students and international students, between international
students with each other,  and between faculty and students, as well as a place for students to improve their conversation skills and knowledge about Japan and other countries. It is open to the entire university body, so everyone is welcome to meke full use of it upon thoroughly understanding the purpose of its establishment.

Who can use the iCAFé?

  • Undergraduate students, graduate students
  • International exchange students, credited auditors, special auditing students, research students
  • Tenri University faculty

Open days and open hours

During the semester and official exam periods, Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00
※ Closed during long-term holidays.
※ Temporary openings and closings during school events and other exceptions.

Drink vendor

coffee: 20 yen
tea (green tea, roasted green tea, oolong tea): 10 yen

Things to keep in mind when using the iCAFé

Always keep in mind to be moderate and to have common sense; particularly by keeping the room tidy. Speech and conduct are to be pleasant so as to not disturb other users.
Eating in the iCAFé is not prohibited; however, the following time slots are designated to iCAFé Lessons: 1 st period—4 th period. Please give priority to the lesson groups, and use the rooms so that you don’t interfere with each other.
The books, publications, and goods in the iCAFé are for reference only. Please do not take them out of the room.
Please be responsible for your own trash. Please sort and dispose your own trash in the respective trash bins. There are no trash bins in the iCAFé.
Smoking is prohibited in the iCAFé.
If you have any ideas or requests about iCAFé, please share them with the Office of International Exchange Center.

iCAFé Lessons

iCAFé offers mainly English conversation lessons, but also French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, and Japanese lessons (if there are no students who wish to take these lessons, they will not be offered).

Each language lesson is taught by a "language tutor," a student who is native or semi-native speaker of the language.

All language lessons are free of charge.

Language Tutor


Language instructors at  iCAFé are collectively referred to as "language tutors." Individually, they are called "English turors" and "Spanish tutors"(i.e. “English café tutor,” “Spanish café tutor,” etc.)



The "Language tutor" will draft a lesson plan and goals for one semester (10 to 11 lessons) with students at the first lesson, and proceed with the lesson accordingly. 

Recruitment and hiring

Language tutors are recruited each semester from among undergraduate, exchange, and privately-funded international students in the case of non-Japanese students, and from Japanese language teacher training course students in the case of Japanese students.


Language tutors are paid a part-time hourly rate of 1,410 yen (including tax) per session (90 minutes).


Language tutors help students studying foreign languages by engaging in conversation and providing lessons in their respective languages.


For other details, please contact the Office of International Exchange Center.

Inquiries and Access

1050 Somanouchi, Tenri, Nara 632-8501

Somanouchi Campus Hall No. 3, Immediately on your left as you enter Hall No. 3

Inquiries for iCAFé

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