Faculty of Humanities

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Key learning points

01. Acquire "basic intellectual strength" for life

In collaboration with general education courses, students will learn the specialized content of each Department in stages while acquiring a broad range of knowledge. A rich liberal arts education will support students' life as an intellectual "basic strength" to contribute to a better society.

02. Creating and connecting "bonds" in the community

Whether developing products in collaboration with local shopping districts or volunteering at nursing homes and judicial facilities, our faculty's learning sometimes extends beyond the campus. Connecting to the local community through practice. Learning the "community-creating bond" is the attraction of this program.

03. Curriculum with a clear vision of the future

The studies of Humanities are essential to life and society, but it is also true that it is difficult to see what kind of future your studies will directly lead to. The Faculty provides subjects and qualification models for each Department so that students can immerse themselves in their studies with a clear vision of their future and career paths.

Introducing the Faculties and Departments

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Faculty of Humanities

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