For International Students

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Notices to students will be posted on the bulletin board in the Office of International Exchange Center on the Somanouchi Campus. In addition, announcements will also be distributed via TU Mail, so please be sure to check it.

The Office of International Exchange Center is located on the first floor of Hall No. 3 on the Somanouchi Campus.

Precautions during your stay in Japan

Notification of various changes

Please notify the Student Support Section and the Office of International Exchange Center as soon as possible in the following cases:

Your address has changed, or your guarantor's address has changed.
Your guarantor has changed.
Your mobile phone number, phone number, email address, resident card, passport, etc. has changed.
(In the case that you have changed your address, mobile phone number, email address, etc. please be sure to log into Campus Square and make changes yourself.)

About working

If you are an international student who wishes to work, you will need to obtain permission for the activity outside your visa status. If you work without permission, it will be illegal work and you will be subject to punishments.

Even if an international student obtains permission for the activity outside his/her visa status, there are some jobs tht are not permitted: Cabaret, snack bar, Pachinko parlor, hotels that rent rooms to couples ("Love Hotel"), etc. At these businesses, even cleaning, cooking, dishwashing, being a receptionist is prohibited. Also, handing out advertisement flyers and tissues for these businesses is also prohibited.

  • Work that is not included in the work permit (Entertainment Business Law Article No. 2)

    a. 風適法第2条第1項にいう「風俗営業」が営まれている営業所において行う活動(例:客の接待をしている飲食させるキャバレー・スナックなど、店内の照明が10ルクス以下の喫茶店・バーなど、マージャン屋・パチンコ屋・スロットマシン設置業などで行うアルバイト)
    b. 風適法第2条第6項にいう「店舗型性風俗特殊営業」が営まれている営業所において行う活動(例:ソープランド、ファッションヘルス、ストリップ劇場、ラブホテル、アダルトショップなどで行うアルバイト)
    c. 風適法第2条第7項にいう「無店舗型性風俗特殊営業」に従事する活動(例:出張・派遣型ファッションヘルス、アダルトビデオ通信販売業などに従事するアルバイト)
    d. 風適法第2条第8項にいう「映像送信型性風俗特殊営業」に従事する活動(例:インターネット上でわいせつな映像を提供する営業などに従事するアルバイト)
    e. 風適法第2条第9項にいう「店舗型電話異性紹介営業」に従事する活動(例:いわゆるテレホンクラブの営業などに従事するアルバイト)
    f. 風適法第2条第10項にいう「無店舗型電話異性紹介営業」に従事する活動(例:いわゆるツーショットダイヤル、伝言ダイヤルの営業などに従事するアルバイト)

Products that are banned from importing

The Customs Law prohibits the following: drugs such as narcotics, marijuana, stimulants (psychoactive drugs), hand guns, explosives, counterfeit coings and bills, etc. If you are in possession of any of these, you will be subject to punishment.
Also, please note that the Plant Protection Law and Contagious Animal Disease Prevention Act prohibit you to import various products.

  • Products that are banned from importing into Japan (Customs Law Article 69-11)

    1. 麻薬、向精神薬、大麻、あへん、けしがら、覚せい剤及びあへん吸煙具
    2. けん銃、小銃、機関銃、砲、これらの銃砲弾及びけん銃部品
    3. 爆発物
    4. 火薬類
    5. 化学兵器の禁止及び特定物質の規制等に関する法律第2条第3項に規定する特定物質
    6. 感染症の予防及び感染症の患者に対する医療に関する法律第6条第19項に規定する一種病原体等及び同条第20項に規定する二種病原体等
    7. 貨幣、紙幣、銀行券又は有価証券の偽造品、変造品、模造品及び偽造カード
    8. 公安又は風俗を害すべき書籍、図画、彫刻物その他の物品
    9. 児童ポルノ
    10. 特許権、実用新案権、意匠権、商標権、著作権、著作隣接権、回路配置利用権又は育成者権を侵害する物品
    11. 不正競争防止法第2条第1項第1号から第3号までに掲げる行為を組成する物品

About abandoned bicycles

You may not pick up an abandoned bicycle and claim it. You may think, "It's wasteful to abandon a bicycle, and I can make use of it." However, most abandoned bicycles are stolen bicycles. If you happen to come across a police inspection checkpoint, and the police notice that the bicycle is a stolen one, even if you are not the one who originally stole it, you may be subject to punishment.

Bicycles must be registered in your name for security purposes. In addition, all bicycle riders are required to purchase insurance.

Traffic accidents

When you are riding a bicycle, please be extra careful when riding in a lot of traffic, through intersections and pedestrian crossings. Also, when riding at night, please be sure to turn on your bicycle lights.

In the unlikely event that you are in a traffic accident:
1. If the casualty is serious, please call 119 for an ambulance.
2. Regardless of the severity of the injury, call 110 and file an accident report. Also, please report to the Office of International Exchange Center as soon as possible after the accident so that the Center can counsel you about the accident, since it is likely that there will be negotiation between the injured party and perpetrator.


Temporary return to your home country

If you are going back to your home country or out of Japan for unavoidable reasons, please notify the Office of International Exchange Center in advance.


Other emergencies

If you are ever involved in troubles such as theft or assault, if you become seriously ill or injured, please contact the Office of International Exchange Center immediately. The Center will support you in working out solutions.

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