• Faculty of Budo and Sport Studies

Faculty of Budo and Sport Studies

Department of Budo and Sport Studies

Athletic Studies, Educational Studies,Cultural Studies,Health Studies, Budo Studies

In order to embody the University’s founding spirit of contributing to the construction of the “Joyous Life,” this Faculty, through its education and research, fosters the spirit of “dedication to others,” deepens scientific understanding of the human body, and explores the meaning and possibility of sports from an international viewpoint. For these purposes, the Faculty will nurture the following human resources :

1. those who have a high level of athletic talent and coaching aptitude in sports;
2. schoolteachers of physical education who have profound sympathy with children and a high level of pedagogical capability;
3. those who pursue a new possibility for sports and contribute to the creation of sports culture;
4. those who work for the maintenance and promotion of people’s health; and
5. those who respect the Budo, a traditional culture of Japan, and promote it in the world.