• Faculty of Human Studies

Faculty of Human Studies

Based on the University’s founding spirit, which emphasizes the construction of the “Joyous Life,” this Faculty seeks to study human beings from a holistic perspective. To this end, the Faculty is composed of the Department of Religious Studies, which intends to examine holistic human viewpoints through religious and philosophical explorations, as well as the Department of Human Relations, which tries to analyze holistic human conditions through practical approaches in the following three fields: clinical psychology, lifelong education, and social welfare. Through these programs, education and research in the Faculty of Human Studies aim at fostering human resources so as to enable them to embody the University’s founding spirit of dedicating oneself to others in Japan and abroad.

Department of Religious Studies

This Department’s research and education investigate theories of Religious Studies, including Tenrikyo theology, and students learn about the religious situation of the contemporary world so that they can acquire the ability to perceive things from a broader perspective. Based on the University’s founding spirit, the Department of Religious Studies also intends to nurture students who desire to actively contribute to society in Japan and abroad.

Department of Human Relations

With broad interest in human beings and society, this Department trains students from basic to advanced levels in the fields of clinical psychology, lifelong education, and social welfare. The educational and research activities of the Department also aim to prepare individuals for various qualifications and credentials so as to have them play an active role in society.

Clinical Psychology Major

This major has the objective of training clinical psychologists and other human resources that will engage them in activities intended to solve various social problems based on their study of social and individual behavior and psychology.

Lifelong Education Major

This major enables students to learn the theory and practice of educational activities such as social education, school education, and education in local communities. It also seeks to nurture students to take leadership roles in lifelong education in the future, providing them with the opportunity to improve their own qualifications through participation in a variety of study support activities.

Social Welfare Major

This major teaches social welfare theories, specialized knowledge of actual social welfare activities, and various skills in social welfare that are necessary to become a professional in the field. It thus intends to produce graduates who are able to work in hospitals or other social welfare facilities and institutions.