• A Message from the President

A Message from the President


The Founding Spirit of Tenri University is to cultivate human resources who will contribute to the construction of the “Joyous Life” world. The world of Joyous Life does not just mean a world without conflict, but a world where people help one another beyond national borders and cultures, based on their awareness of being brothers and sisters. It is a world where people of different skin colors and languages, people with physical and mental disabilities, men and women of all ages, all live with joyous minds.

Tenri University has three pillars of educational emphasis: “religious awareness,” “international awareness,” and “spirit of selfless service.”

We are all equally being kept alive by a great power that transcends human comprehension. When we truly understand this, we become humbled and filled with gratitude. We develop respect for the living environment not just around us, but also inside our bodies, as well as for the diversity of life, and find meaning in human beings who share a common destiny, interacting with one another harmoniously without fighting. This brings brightness to our minds.

By learning the languages of various cultures, we can understand the history and culture of those countries. Through this, we can deepen exchanges with people from other countries, enhance our understanding of our own culture, and grow into attractive people. We live in an age where many foreigners visit Japan and stay in Japan for long periods of time, so we don’t even need to leave Japan to meet people from various different countries. Global sensibility and communication skills will surely expand the field of future activities. 

Once you step out into society, you will see that there are many people who need support. In fact, even in your very homes, there may be people who need support. Opportunities where we can help one another out exist in various settings. While extending a helping hand, if you work on polishing your skills in supporting people to reach their happiness, it will increase your quality of contribution. It will also allow you to feel a sense of fulfillment.

At present, in order to further enhance these pillars of education, we have established a new Faculty of Health Care this year, and next year, we will restart with a refurbished system with four faculties and 15 departments. In the following year, 2025, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of our University. We will make a fresh start by providing even more fulfilling learning, opportunities, and experience, and help incoming, promising students, who will shape the bright future, to “go beyond yourself and open up the future.”
Welcome to Tenri University.

President profile

Birth date: March 3, 1964

Educational background:
June 1986
Graduate from University of California, Berkley

August 1990
Graduate from University of California, Santa Barbara with a master's degree

December 1992
Assigned to Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in America (until January 1999)

April 2001
Part-time lecturer at Tenri University Faculty of Human Studies,Department of Religious Studies (until March 2021)

October 2006
Section Chief of Tenrikyo Overseas Department Human Resources Development Section (until August 2011)

September 2011
Section Chief of Tenrikyo Overseas Department North America and Oceania Section (until August 2012)

September 2012
Section Chief of Tenrikyo Overseas Department Translation Section (until March 2015)

April 2015
Vice-head of Tenrikyo Overseas Department (until March 2021)

April 2015
Director of School Corporation Tenrikyo Kyoko Gakuen High School (until March 2016)

April 2021
Senior Managing Director of Tenri University Corporation (until March 2023)

April 2021
Appointed to the position of Honbu-in (Church Headquarters executive official) of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters (to the present)

April 2023
Appointed as President of Tenri University (to the present)