About Tenri University

Campus map

Somanouchi Campus

The Somanouchi Campus, located in spacious green surrounding, accommodates the Faculty of Human Studies, the Faculty of Letters, the Faculty of International Studies, and the Graduate School. The campus takes pride in its rich facilities including the world famous Tenri Central Library and Tenri Sankokan Museum, helping students to develop the potential of their human nature and intellect.

A Hall No.1
B Hall No.2
C Hall No.3
D Hall No.4
E Faculty Research Hall
F Somanouchi Gymnasium No.1
G Somanouchi Gymnasium No.2
H Tenri Central Library
I Shinkokan Student Union
(cafeteria and extracurricular activity offices)
J Hall No.8(library)
K Ten Fifty(shop and bookstore)
L Medical and Student Counseling Room
M Hall No.9(Furusato Kaikan Alumni House)
N Tenri Sankokan Museum
O Founder’s Hall

Taiikugakubu Campus

This lively campus boasts modern and high-class facilities including a budo hall, a sports center, and weight training rooms where students can refine their “mind, body, and technique” to levels on par with the best in the world.

A Hall No.6
B Hall No.7
C Budo Hall
D Taiikugakubu Gymnasium No.3
E Sports Center
F Student Hall
G Cafeteria
H Taiikugakubu Shinkokan Student Union
I Tennis Court
J Field with 400m Track
K West Field
L Athletic Gym
M Multi-purpose Court