• Faculty of International Studies

Faculty of International Studies

The Faculty of International Studies was established in 2010, consisting of the Department of Foreign Languages and the Department of Area Studies. The Department of Foreign Languages is comprised of the following five language majors : English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Spanish/Brazilian-Portuguese. Through a thorough training in one of these languages, the Department’s aim is for students to achieve an advanced level of linguistic proficiency. The Department of Area Studies is comprised of the three geographical areas of “Asia-Oceania,” “Europe-Africa,” and the “Americas,” and through the study of each area as an extensive cultural sphere, a unique Tenri University-developed world vision will be nurtured.

Department of Foreign Languages

This Department includes four majors—English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Languages—and concentrates on applying a thorough linguistic training called the “Tenri method,” which has been cultivated since the beginning of the University. Also, the Department makes efforts to heighten student’s language proficiency by such additional programs as studying abroad and enabling them to have direct experience of foreign cultures. The Japanese Language Major is designed for foreign students who wish to improve their Japanese proficiency and attain specialized knowledge of Japanese culture.

English Language

Students of this program engage in intensive study of English, which is now the de facto language of international communication, and further attain ability in the language through study programs in English-speaking countries. Classes are organized to meet different levels of students’ English proficiency according to specific objectives set for each level. Furthermore, they will take classes conducted in English in which they learn from multi-dimensional perspectives the culture and society of concerned countries so as to be able to actively participate in international society.

Chinese Language

This program provides education of practical Chinese to nurture students who are able to embrace an international vision and relate to matters affecting the global community. Tenri University’s Chinese program offers systematized curricula applicable to different levels of students, allowing them to foster a high standard of Chinese language ability. Furthermore, through effective study programs in Chinese-speaking countries, students will enhance their ability to understand other cultures so that they can actively work in international society.

Korean Language

This program offers education in practical Korean, taking advantage of its history of more than 80 years since the University was founded. In order for students to master Korean, whose syntax is similar to that of Japanese, in a speedy and systematic manner, this Major offers a thorough training in grammar that improves the proficiency of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Also, by learning the history and culture of the Korean Peninsula and its relationships with Japan and other countries, students will have their talent fostered to take part actively in international society.

Japanese Language

This Major, designed for foreign students, is organized into primary and intermediate courses to which new students are assigned based on a placement test given to all students soon after entering the school. Students of the primary course start from a basic level to learn skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, while students in the intermediate course receive a higher level of training in all of these skills. Further, primary course students will start studying the literature, culture, history, and economics of Japan in their junior year and those in the intermediate course will do so in their sophomore year. The Japanese Language Major aims to foster individuals who will acquire a broad and deep understanding of Japan and will actively participate in international society beyond the borders of Japan.

Spanish/Brazilian-Portuguese Language

Department of Area Studies

Asian and Oceanian Studies, European and African Studies, Americas Studies

From its unique broad perspective towards international studies, this Department divides the world into three vertical zones—Asia-Oceania, Europe-Africa, and Americas—enabling students to study interconnections between and among the East-West and North-South regions which prevail globally today. Taking advantage of the University’s rich experience in teaching and researching language and culture of a variety of regions, students may choose their specialty from among ten languages, focus their study on an area or country of their interest, and participate in a study abroad program or practical learning project for international participation.