• Japanese Language Major

Japanese Language Major

The Japanese Language Major provides an ideal opportunity for students to study Japanese language and culture while living in Japan. Through good teacher-student rapport, the prime objectives of this major are to broaden the spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation that transcends national and cultural differences and to foster students who can contribute to a peaceful world community in the 21st century.

Course Outline

Students of the Japanese Language Major pursue the improvement of the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, through a wellbalanced education, as well as the comprehensive study of Japan, and the deepening of their understanding of Japanese culture. In addition, students expand their knowledge of Japan through various specialized areas of study and develop both subjective and objective understandings of Japanese culture.

Ⅰ)Faculty (the full-time staff, in alphabetical order)

Matthew J. Eynon Ph.D., Indiana University (1992)

Harumichi Fukagawa, M.A., Indiana University (1996)

Kōzō Fukui, M.A., Ritsumeikan University (2013)

Yasuaki Katada M. A. , Kangwon National University (1987)

Noriyuki Kikuchi M.A., Tsukuba University (1998)

Tomoko Tsutsumi M.A., Osaka University of Foreign Studies (1983)

Ⅱ)Courses and Degree Requirements

The Faculty of International Studies requires the completion of at least 124 credits for the Bachelor’s degree. The numbers of credits required for separate course categories are given in the following table, along with a partial listing of courses.

Course Categories Course Titles (partial listing) Credits
Required Elective
Comprehensive Education Courses
    Tenrikyo Subjects Tenrikyo Theology A 1, A 2 4
    Tenri Spirit Course Tenri Spirit and Modern Society 2
 Basic Education Courses
    Freshman Seminar Freshman Seminar 2
    Health Education Courses Health Sports Science 1 2
    Information-Society Courses Introduction to Computers
The Basics of Modern History
 General Education Courses
    Thematic Topic Courses Nature & Humanity 1
Culture & Humanity 1
    General Courses Introductory Topics on Japan 1 2
Specialized Subjects
    Shared Courses Introduction to Japanese Culture
International Culture Theory
Intercultural Communication 1,2
8 14 
    Japanese Language Courses Japanese A-B (Conversation)
Japanese A-B (Reading)
Japanese A-B (Grammar A)
Japanese A-B (Grammar B)
Japanese A-B (Composition)
Japanese A-B (Orthography)
Japanese A-B (Comprehensive)
Japanese C-D (Conversation)
Japanese C-D (Reading)
Japanese C-D (Grammar A)
Japanese C-D (Grammar B)
Japanese C-D (Composition)
Japanese C-D (Orthography)
Japanese C-D (Comprehensive)
Japanese E-F (Reading)
Japanese E-F (Business Japanese)
Japanese E-F (Conversation)
Japanese E-F (Composition)
Japanese E-F (Practicum)
Japanese Cultural Theory
Japanese Social Theory
Introduction to Japanese Linguistics 1,2
Introduction to Japanese Literature 1,2
Japanese Communication Theory 1,2
Japanese History for Foreign Students
Japanese Religious History for Foreign Students
Japanese Economics for Foreign Students
Overseas Information Exchange Seminar
Introduction to Japanese Studies
Seminar on Basic Japanese Language
Seminar on Japanese Language 1-4
Japanese Cultural Field Experience
Graduation Thesis
Graduation Research Project
  Courses taken in excess of the minimum credits specified for Comprehensive Education Courses and Specialized Subjects 30