• Faculty of Letters

Faculty of Letters

Language, literature, history, and culture comprise the basis for understanding of others and represent a heritage to pass on to future generations. Students in this Faculty will obtain an ability to contribute to the world, based on the attitude of “dedication to others” from the University’s founding spirit. For this purpose, the Faculty has organized the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, which studies Japanese language and literature and teaches styles of expression in Japanese, and the Department of History and Cultural Studies, which studies historical, archeological, and folklore materials. Education and research in the Faculty of Letters aim at nurturing human resources to contribute to the construction of the “Joyous Life” from an international perspective.

Department of Japanese Language and Literature

This Department focuses on understanding Japanese linguistic usage at the time of the founding of Tenrikyo, especially through the study of materials related to Tenrikyo doctrine. It also emphasizes the study of Japan’s broad cultural and literary traditions, from their basics to their most scholarly aspects, through the analysis of various literary works and other linguistic sources. The Department fosters an international perspective in students, based on an understanding of the country’s rich cultural history.

Department of History and Culture Studies

This Department makes use of historical writing, archeology, and folklore, and attempts to understand eras and cultures from an international standpoint. Students will learn through the investigation of documents and records how to study on their own and convey knowledge to others so that they can contribute to the development of world and regional cultures through the conservation and positive use of cultural assets.

History Major

This program gives priority to field research and provides students with the skills to explore and keep records of literary sources focusing on archival documents available at the Tenri Central Library. It strives to nurture generally educated graduates with a deep knowledge of history and culture who can contribute to modern society, as well as specialists who can assist in the development of their own national and local cultures through their jobs related to cultural assets.

Archaeology and Folklore Major

By fusing archaeology and folklore together, this program aims at offering locally constructed perceptions of history as well as an understanding of our own culture through comparison with overseas examples. It seeks to foster specialists who contribute to society by the conservation and use of cultural assets, after having acquired skills of investigation and presentation of materials on their own through the experience of research and record-taking. It also intends to foster more generally educated graduates endowed with a deep knowledge of history and culture.