• A Message from the President

A Message from the President

NAGAO, Noriaki

Tenri University was founded in 1925 as the first private foreign language school in Japan. An almost unprecedented coeducational system and the establishment of the country’s first department of Korean language, following the school’s policy of giving priority to the study of Eastern languages, show the university’s unique educational vision has been emphasized from the beginning.

Since being reorganized from a language school into a university in 1949, Tenri University has developed some of the most advanced language training methods in the country, including having created the first Language Laboratory class, designed to train students in practical speaking ability. These highly praised original methods are continuing even today. The Faculty of Budo and Sport Studies has produced a number of world class athletes while promoting international exchanges in various sports. Also constituting the University are the Faculty of Human Studies, which investigates the meaning of human existence from a religious perspective—with the study of Tenrikyo as its basis—and works to enhance the life experience of individual human beings; the Faculty of Letters, which deepens studies of Japan, taking advantage of the University’s location in the Yamato region with its long history and traditions; and a Master’s degree program in clinical psychology.

Throughout its 90-year history, Tenri University has always strived to innovate in these fields, with the objective of nurturing students who can contribute to the construction of the “Joyous Life,” as advocated in the University’s founding spirit.

The Yamato region, famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage and beautiful natural environment, is the home of Tenri University. The University also has two internationally renowned institutions affiliated with it—Tenri Central Library and Tenri Sankokan Museum. Further, the University is surrounded by a peaceful and heartwarming religious atmosphere embodied in the Sanctuaries of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters, which creates an ideal background for the University’s students to adopt “the Tenri Spirit” epitomized by dedication to others, to foster “international perspectives,” and to develop “future-oriented visions” with due consideration of the past and the present.

In April, 2010, Tenri University reorganized its academic programs. The Faculty of International Studies was born with improved overseas student exchange programs, aiming at a deeper level of international exchange and cross-cultural understanding. The Faculty of Budo and Sport Studies expanded its programs in order to correspond to a variety of social needs.

In this constantly changing society, Tenri University strives to continue developing to meet diversified demands of society, by nurturing individuals who can work in different fields with a heightened sense of religiosity and universality. “Our Paths to the World” is the motto with which we advance.