• Research Center

Research Center

Center for Language Education and Research

To advance Tenri’s tradition of mastery in language studies, the Center for Language Education and Research was established within the Faculty of International Studies as a cutting-edge research and educational facility for foreign language studies. The Center aims to train individuals who can communicate effectively in the international community. The Center also maintains an “English Education Program” for students who seek further improvement in a broad variety of English language skills. In addition, the Center sponsors classes and seminars on language education for the general public.

International Center for Regional Studies

Established in April 2002, the International Center for Regional Studies (ICRS) aims at nurturing individuals who will play an important role in implementing the University’s founding spirit of the realization of the world of the“Joyous Life”in the increasingly globalizing world. The Center is comprised of three sections, focusing on research, education, and projects for international participation. Through close collaboration among these sections, the Center aims to promote interdisciplinary research on daily life in various countries and regions throughout the world. The fruits of this research will moreover be applied to intercultural education at Tenri University, in addition to being published internationally.

Center for Liberal Arts Education and Research

The Center for Liberal Arts Education and Research was established to examine issues affecting life in the 21st century from a broad liberal arts perspective, and to advance the level of general education at the University. The Center is responsible for molding student attitudes toward contributing to “world salvation,” by imparting to them a broad perspective and a culturally enriched mind. There are three sections established within the Center, focusing on liberal arts education, teaching credentials programs, and projects for implementing the University’s founding spirit. The strengths of each section are combined to maintain the overall goals of the University in the conduct of research and education.