• About Tenri University

About Tenri University

The Founding Spirit

According to the teachings of the Tenrikyo religion, God the Parent created humankind and the world out of a desire to have humankind share in the “Joyous Life.” Oyasama, Tenrikyo’s foundress, revealed the existence of God the Parent, clarifying the truth that human beings are all brothers and sisters, and demonstrating a way of life of helping one another through the path of the “Divine Model.” The mission of the University, based upon the teachings of Oyasama, is to cultivate human resources that will contribute to the construction of the world of the “Joyous Life.”

Educational Objectives

The University, located within the embrace of a religious environment known as the original home of humankind and called the “Jiba,” aims at imparting specialized knowledge and an enriched education through close personal ties between faculty, staff, and students with a life of prayer and devotion as its basis. To this end, the University has established the Faculty of Human Studies, the Faculty of Letters, the Faculty of International Studies, the Faculty of Budo and Sport Studies, and the Graduate School of Clinical Human Studies, and provides a place for interdisciplinary research with the objective of identifying and developing the natural potential of each individual.

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