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Graduate School of Religion and Culture Studies Graduate Program in Religion and Culture Studies

We systematically distribute subjects to deepen insights into the essence of human beings and explore the significance of religion in modern society through interdisciplinary research on the diverse religious cultures of the world. 
The curriculum is organized so that students can take basic subjects to develop basic abilities as specialists, specialized subjects to learn advanced specialized knowledge about their specialized field, establish research subjects to formulate research themes and acquire the ability to solve problems, and finally, write a master’s thesis as a summary of learning.


全体として、公認心理師(国家資格)および臨床心理士(公財 日本臨床心理士資格認定協会)の受験資格要件を満たしています。

Graduate School of Clinical Human Studies Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology

We systematically distribute lectures and seminar subjects so that students acquire the high degree of specialization required of those who aim to become clinical psychologists, by staying close to the hearts of people, observing the true nature of human beings from the ground up, and capture people as living human beings from the perspective of clinical anthropology. 
Furthermore, in order to emphasize deep involvement with people, we distribute clinical psychology training in the attached counseling room and on-site training subjects in various fields.
As a whole, it meets the examination qualification requirements for certified public psychologists (national qualifications) and clinical psychologists (Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists). 
In addition, in order to deepen specialized knowledge and cultivate the ability to carry out research, we conduct seminars related to clinical psychology and organize a curriculum to have students write a master’s thesis as a summary of their study.



Graduate School of Physical Education Studies Graduate Program in Physical Education

By having students learn the basics of the three areas (A. Budo, Sports culture, B. School health education, Sport education, C. Sports health, Sports science ), and combining abundant specialized subjects in each field, we systematically distribute subjects that can improve humanity and management ability through theoretical learning and practice.
We distribute common subjects to gain broad insight into physical education and sports in general, and specialized subjects to study the research area and surrounding areas desired by the students themselves. In addition, the curriculum is organized with seminars and special research subjects to support the writing of the master’s thesis in a planned and continuous manner.
Students can obtain a special junior high school / high school teacher’s license (health and physical education), and can also gain social experience in physical education and sports in Japan and abroad.