Japanese Studies Course

Japanese Teacher Training Program

This is a Japanese Studies Course sub-program which provides qualifications and training for Japanese language teachers who wish to teach Japanese to foreigners.

A certificate of the program's completion is conferred by Tenri University at the time of graduation to those persons who have successfully completed the program.

In order to complete the program it is necessary to finish 26 required credits, and 8 elective credits, making a total of 34 credits, and after accumulating knowledge in Japanese language pedagogy (phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, comparative language studies) and Japanese language teaching methodology, during the fourth year the student actually teaches Japanese language in an educational institute outside the university as a form of “Japanese Student Teaching."

It can be said that a strength of the program lies in the ability of foreign students to study while comparing Japanese with their own mother tongue.

This program is not only for those people who want to teach Japanese after graduation in Japan, but it is also recommended for those with an interest in studying Japanese at a deeper level.