• Course Summary

Course Summary

Students in this course, based upon the Japanese ability of each individual, learn not only the four skills of “hearing" “speaking" “reading" “writing" in a good balance under a small personalized education system, but this course also aims to show how these assets can be utilized through a deeper understanding from different angles and from various specialties about Japanese society and culture which opened to the world from the 21st century.

Ⅰ)Faculty (the full‐time staff, in alphabetical order)

  Harumichi Fukagawa, M.A., Indiana University (1996)
  Kozo Fukui, M.A., Ritsumeikan University (2013)
  Yasuaki Katada M.A., Kangwon National University (1987)
  Noriyuki Kikuchi M.A., Tsukuba University (1998)
  Noriya Sumihara Ph.D. New York University (1992)
  Tomoko Tsutsumi M.A., Osaka University of Foreign Studies (1983)

Ⅱ)Courses and Degree Requirements

The Faculty of International Studies requires the completion of at least 124 credits for the Bachelor's degree. The numbers of credits required for separate course categories are given in the following table, along with a partial listing of courses.

Courses and Degree Requirements Chart (pdf)

The “Basic Japanese Courses (A and B)" are required classes. However, for beginning level language students it is necessary to first complete the “Introduction to Japanese (A and B)" courses.