Japanese Studies Course


Tuition and Fees

  The University offers 30% tuition reductions to those holding a student visa. A student may not be considered for the tuition reductions, however,if s/he is financially well supported, has not earned a certain number of credits, or has enrolled in the University for more than four years.

 Because the tuition reductions are applied only after entrance to the University, it is necessary for the full tuition to be remitted during the entry process. The amount of the reduction is subsequently refunded after entrance to the University. From the second year on the same procedure will be taken: the refund will be made after the full tuition is received and the student's eligibility is checked.

 Costs after the tuition reduction are given in bold type (see below). Data are for the 2017 Academic Year.

Spring Term

Fall Term
Total for year
Entrance Fee
150,000 yen
150,000 yen
330,000 yen

(231,000 yen)
330,000 yen

(231,000 yen)
660,000 yen
(462,000 yen)
Fee for Educational Facilities
75,000 yen
75,000 yen
150,000 yen
Fee for the Parents’ Association
15,000 yen
15,000 yen
30,000 yen
Fee for Alumni Association
40,000 yen
40,000 yen
Student Body Activity Fee
18,000 yen
18,000 yen
628,000 yen

(529,000 yen)
420,000 yen

(321,000 yen)
l,048,000 yen
(850,000 yen)
Payment Period
Refer to Enrollment
Procedure above
1 September–
31 October

Other Expenses

 Figures given below indicate standard levels of cost. Actual costs will vary according to individual needs.

 Dormitory (approximate):\39,000—44,500/month (includes three meals daily)
 Apartment (approximate):\30,000—50,000/month (key money and deposit extra)

 Approximately \40,000—50,000 is needed monthly for various expenses such as food, books,
 clothes and transportation.